Fachbücher für Produktmanager – Buchprojekt „On a Mission“

On a Mission - Draft Book Cover
Buchcover  (Änderungen vorbehalten)

Fachbücher für Produktmanager behandeln typischer Weise vertikale/funktionale Themen. Zum Beispiel erklären sie im Detail, wie man Userstories schreibt. Im Gegensatz dazu, ist „On a Mission“ für Dich, wenn Du Herausforderungen als Product Leader in Deiner Organization hast. Oder, wenn Du das Gefühl hast, nicht erfolgreich genug mit Deiner Mission zu sein, tolle Produkte zu bauen, die Deine Kollegen, Kunden und Shareholder lieben. Mehr über diesen Kontext findest Du hier.

Geplantes Veröffentlichungsdatum: TBD

Die Autor Jörg Malang hat 20+ Jahre relevante Berfuserfarhung. In seinen Augen deckt die aktuelle Fachliteratur nicht das Thema ab, wie die Wahrnehmung der Produktmanagementfunktion im Allgemeinen geändert werden kann.

Vorwort des Buchprojekts „On a Mission“ (Entwurf)

  I must confess: My passion is Product Management. We are here to make a difference. I have worked very hard to be where I am today. Every day I fight for doing the right things and for doing them right. As a Product Leader, I have been to countless training and conferences. I have had some great Product Leaders as my Managers who helped me grow to where I am today. I am ready to conquer the world, to inspire Product and IT Teams. Not only them, but also the organizations I am working for. The people in my Product Team are motivated, and they follow me. All should be good. However, it isn’t. Something keeps nagging me. In the beginning, those were just bad days or the wrong positions in the wrong companies, some misunderstandings or heated discussions with Management or the CEO. In other words, I am increasingly feeling I have to choose between two options: Either I give up on my big ambition, or I face massive adversity when trying to do it my way. There appears to be a structural challenge with how Product Management is being executed, at least in Europe. “Go towards where the fear is” – This is something a good friend of mine told me a while ago. Experiencing those challenges is good. Then one is on a good path. Therefore, this book is for all those Product Warriors out there who have left or will leave the relative coziness of Product Communities. They are standing in ice-cold winds from the organizations. Those organizations won’t simply let you sit, discuss, and decide with the “Big Boys,” they will ask you to deliver what they tell you to perform. Malta, in December 2018 Jörg Malang

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